Promote Freedom is to support causes that awaken social responsibility of large groups of people on an individual level.

The spirit that prefers liberty to life becomes Master

The spirit that prefers life to liberty becomes Slave 

Georg Hegel

Human rights abuses, unnecessary pain that people inflict upon each other, and competition of egos embodied in hate speech show the dark side of human nature. They indicate closure.

Respect, freedom of thought, and high-quality discussions are the way to the light. They indicate openness. Closure versus openness in our private and public life, as well as internationally, is decisive in whether the new generations will inhabit the earth a century from now and in what condition they will inherit it from us. Humanism is needed today for us to preserve the planet.

But today, the tendency to the closure – the nationalism – harms the very idea of humanism. It implies control over the lives of others, within and outside the borders, by the small groups of people on whose tiny shoulders lie responsibilities, the weight of which actually requires the shoulders of each and every one of us: climate, technology, health crisis to mention few.

I admit, nationalism is important for survival of a nation, but freedom and open borders are indispensable for survival of humankind. It requires the hard work of everyone involved. And we are in all of this together. To be able to move from closure to openness the person often has to go through different stages of awareness and fulfillment. Only a fulfilled person has the dignity to not harm other human being(s), and even more – to improve the atmosphere around her or him, to contribute to the societal flow and, thus, promote freedom. But for the fulfillment, a minimum amount of freedom is needed, too, and that amount we all have – the freedom of intention.

This is not a coincidence that this foundation has been established by a Ukrainian. For the past seven years, I have watched Ukrainian initiatives abroad blooming: numerous people have come close to fulfillment, thanks to volunteering and other forms of activism. And that is when I realised how important it is for a person to have the intention to fight for a higher cause, the cause that heals the wounds of a nation, or even more – the wounds of humankind.

By this foundation, I honour the dignity of all Ukrainians who fought under the European flag and keep fighting for European values until this very day. The fight for Freedom has not stopped with the death of the Heavenly Hundred and the loss of lives of Ukrainian servicemen on the Eastern border. The responsibility of the society before their family members, especially children is enormous.

By this foundation, I honour the fight for freedom in all countries of the former Soviet Union, whose people share the same fear and the same need – for the recognition of their right to dignity.

By this foundation, I honour the spirit of freedom of all who feel oppressed by the authorities that act upon power abuse. In the struggle between governments and peoples, new social contracts arise, and the citizens should unite and make sure that “the contracts” are drafted to their benefit. 

In my belief, we all have the responsibility before those whom the state system failed. Therefore, the two core values of the foundation are the acknowledgment that the right to access to high-quality education and the health care system are human rights no matter the social status, origin, or luck and that all people are equal in their rights no matter the differentiation by their birth “marks.”

The foundation aims to achieve the state of freedom – when every individual has the right and a chance to devote her or his life to what she or he actually likes to do: the passion in profession causes the awakening of the entrepreneurial spirit; ensures the interest and motivation for a better quality of goods and services; establishes good mood and as a consequence – respectful behaviour and understanding between people.

Tragedies are inevitable but their impact on a person’s life can be reduced by support and humanisation of relations between people in society.

This foundation is dedicated to inspiring every person on the planet to use the freedom of intention to take social responsibility and act.

The mission of the foundation is to promote freedom in order to achieve societal flow, to empower people to realise their passion, to improve the general state of joy in the society, and, as a consequence, prosperity.

Marta Barandiy

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